Maintaining High-Quality Architectures with Flexible Budgets

Bali is well known for the beauty of its nature, a great holiday destination with amazing villas. Not only family-friendly, but those villas also offer varieties of entertainment and are strategically located close to the beach and sea. One could not ask for a better view! Such magical places to spend the holidays with the people you care about and places you will never want to miss! Have you ever wondered who are the geniuses behind Bali’s amazing well-designed villas?

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Meet Oliver Gehlen

Meet Oliver Gehlen, a quality driven ethical architect

Oliver Gehlen from OG Architects in Sanur, is someone who believes in ethical business, something he is able to achieve by being honest and developing trust through delivering high quality architecture; key components necessary to make his clients’ dreams come true.

WILLIAMS MEDIA sat down with Oliver Gehlen from OG Architects in Sanur, recently to find out why he describes himself as a ‘clean architect’ with a clear philosophy about doing business in Bali and Indonesia. He believes every project is unique and needs an individual solution. There are no cookie cutter options in OG, who pride themselves on making dreams come true by incorporating environmentally friendly materials and sustainable energy concepts into their projects, as much as budgets and building regulations allow.

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